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Hi there

My names's Ash, I just found this community and it looks great!

Currently I ride to work and a bit on the weekends around the city and inner suburbs but me and a friend are looking at going on a bit of a day trip bike ride somewhere in the next couple of weeks, possibly somewhere with a swimming hole or something like that?

Just thought I would ask on here in case anyone had any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks heaps,


Memorial Ride

This Wednesday 15 October is National Ride to Work Day. On September 18th this year a young cyclist lost her life on Swanston street.

She was an experienced cyclist who rode to work everyday. If you share concerns about the safety of Swanston street for cyclists we invite you to join us on National Ride to Work Day (October 15th). There will be a group meeting on Swanston Street at the front of the State Library at 8:00am. At 8:10am the group will ride slowly down Swanston Street to the Melbourne Town Hall. Here the group will stop for one minute of silence in respect for a life lost and as a hopeful gesture for change.

You are encouraged to leave a flower at the site of the accident (the corner of Bourke and Swanston streets) as we make our way to the Town Hall. Pedestrians are welcome to join the group on the day.It would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to forward this to family and friends who may share our concerns.

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electric bike??

i hope this is a good community to ask this.

im wanting to get an electric bike just for fun and to ride around town. my friends grandpa offered me his cx24v450 mongoose elctric bike. it goes up to 15 mp/h and can go about 18 miles on a charge or so i read. plus hes fixed it up with a light and a lil basket :P

anyway hes offering it for 100$ and i may buy it. but i would like to get something a little bit faster..im willing to go ahead and buy this one if its the best deal. 

should i go ahead and get this one or spend a bit more money on a better faster one?

thanks :)

2008 Ride of Silence

Join cyclists worldwide in a silent slow-paced ride (max. 12 mph/20 kph) in honor of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.

The Australian Ride of Silence will be held on May 24, 2008 from 10am to 12pm – Federation Square

This will be the fourth Ride of Silence to be held in Melbourne.

Rides are also planned for Sydney, Bowral, Bendigo, Townsville and Adelaide.

Read here for a roundup of the 2007 Australian Ride of Silence.

Ride of Silence categorywhere you can read previous years reports.

For more background information visit the international Ride of Silence website.

Bikes now banned on peak-hour trains

Help us protest and repeal this ridiculous scape-goating new law.

Bin the bike ban


somehow I am a maintainer now. woot. (edit: along with 20 other people... :o)

this Friday is CRITICAL MASS 12 so GET YOUR BIKE ON!



If anyone hasn't yet discovered www.bikely.com - well, please check it out! I'm oooo-ing and aaahh-ing still after I found it ages ago.. but I am obsessed with bikes and maps so it's certainly my cup of tea with biscuits to dunk!

A bit cross-posted...

My partner and I are planning on selling the car and replacing with electric bikes. We’ll be using them combined with public transport for all our commuting/grocery or other needs, potentially barring the intrastate (and some interstate) trips we do with our dance troupe. We live in inner suburbs and have easy access to bicycle paths, and should have a minimum amount of time needed to share the road with cars. We’re planning on making the switch in late November as the car insurance runs out in October and this gives us a sensible amount of time to save up for the costs. I need the whole shebang, including helmet, wet wether gear (if it ever rains again in this country!), headlights… my partner will be converting her ol’ faithful, but still needs safety gear, etc.

We are doing this because:
1. It’s better for the environment
2. It’s considerably cheaper

Once we crunched the numbers there was just no way we could justify the expense of keeping such a polluting car that frankly gets used more out of laziness then any real need. I spend roughly $1,308 on PT every year, and we spend $1,000 on the car for insurance and rego. I estimate we spend about another $1,300 on petrol. Considering the estimates for the running cost of an electric bike (around $0.10 a day) and not even taking into account how much the car really costs (if we were to “off set” environmental damage, parking costs, regular services, oil…) we’re looking at a yearly saving of around $3,535; and I haven’t even included my partner’s PT costs!

I’ve read all the guides that have been linked to in this community and others, and I would love to hear some personal stories now! Any amusing stories? Any “I wish I had known thats…”

big issue

This week's Big Issue mag has a "bike power" cover feature. They say the Melbourne city council is trying out some "pods" (in the CBD, I gather) for cyclists, with showers in them. It read like these were already out there but I haven't come across them or heard of them. Anyone?
One of the other developments for biking discussed in the article was lanes separated (by means of a raised strip/curb) from where cars park along the road. This I have seen - alongside the uni up Swanston street. It's such a relief to have some respite from the constant threat of being doored.

What innovations do you all want for cycling in Melbourne?
Have any of you communicated with the local councils on cycling issues?

I bike to my full time job, from Brunswick to South Melbourne, and as my main transport pretty much everywhere else I go too, so I think about it a lot. Especially in terms of the CBD, which I often get weary of biking through.

Some possible changes seem so simple yet would make such a difference - such as more of those bars for locking up bikes. In particular, there are hardly any around Chinatown, and the city library ones are almost always full.