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big issue

This week's Big Issue mag has a "bike power" cover feature. They say the Melbourne city council is trying out some "pods" (in the CBD, I gather) for cyclists, with showers in them. It read like these were already out there but I haven't come across them or heard of them. Anyone?
One of the other developments for biking discussed in the article was lanes separated (by means of a raised strip/curb) from where cars park along the road. This I have seen - alongside the uni up Swanston street. It's such a relief to have some respite from the constant threat of being doored.

What innovations do you all want for cycling in Melbourne?
Have any of you communicated with the local councils on cycling issues?

I bike to my full time job, from Brunswick to South Melbourne, and as my main transport pretty much everywhere else I go too, so I think about it a lot. Especially in terms of the CBD, which I often get weary of biking through.

Some possible changes seem so simple yet would make such a difference - such as more of those bars for locking up bikes. In particular, there are hardly any around Chinatown, and the city library ones are almost always full.


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23rd Apr, 2007 13:29 (UTC)
The pods are still coming I think. I agree, the "copenhagen" lanes in Swanston St are awesome. :) It's sad when they end.

I was active with the Brunswick BUG (now Moreland BUG) a bit last year, and one of the main active guys was a guy on council. It was really cool to have a direct voice to council, and we got to find out about new developments with the Upfield bike path quite early on. In fact I recall one of our members suggested the solution for the blind spot at Brunswick Baths (the longish white fence/gate now in place). Up until then we had been racking our brains thinking of how to solve this blind spot without moving the path and wreaking major havoc. it's a great solution I think.

I don't know if there's a BUG for the CBD... they are pretty bike friendly I think though. It was their idea for the St Kilda Rd bike lanes, that got shot down by state pollies, after all. :)
23rd Apr, 2007 13:55 (UTC)
great some pods would be cool.

i just noticed the separate lanes on swanston st today, top form.

agree with more racks around chinatown and city library!

i'd like the cops to stop focussing on revenue raising fining cyclists on elizabeth st for going through red lights on little flinders and little collins but that's not going to happen!

i haven't communicated with local councils yet but the commenter's experience with the upfield bike path policy is inspiring - i used to use it all the time and have so very welcomed the improvements over the last few years.
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