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A bit cross-posted...

My partner and I are planning on selling the car and replacing with electric bikes. We’ll be using them combined with public transport for all our commuting/grocery or other needs, potentially barring the intrastate (and some interstate) trips we do with our dance troupe. We live in inner suburbs and have easy access to bicycle paths, and should have a minimum amount of time needed to share the road with cars. We’re planning on making the switch in late November as the car insurance runs out in October and this gives us a sensible amount of time to save up for the costs. I need the whole shebang, including helmet, wet wether gear (if it ever rains again in this country!), headlights… my partner will be converting her ol’ faithful, but still needs safety gear, etc.

We are doing this because:
1. It’s better for the environment
2. It’s considerably cheaper

Once we crunched the numbers there was just no way we could justify the expense of keeping such a polluting car that frankly gets used more out of laziness then any real need. I spend roughly $1,308 on PT every year, and we spend $1,000 on the car for insurance and rego. I estimate we spend about another $1,300 on petrol. Considering the estimates for the running cost of an electric bike (around $0.10 a day) and not even taking into account how much the car really costs (if we were to “off set” environmental damage, parking costs, regular services, oil…) we’re looking at a yearly saving of around $3,535; and I haven’t even included my partner’s PT costs!

I’ve read all the guides that have been linked to in this community and others, and I would love to hear some personal stories now! Any amusing stories? Any “I wish I had known thats…”

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